Intent – Intent is the goal you want to achieve from casting a spell. Intent should be as specific as possible, and realistic as well. You must put forth the necessary effort to make the spell work.

Visualization – A key aspect to most witches in spellcasting, visualization is to create a mental image that you can manipulate to your liking.

Grounding – A process that helps a witch return to a normal state of mind after ritual/spellwork. This gets rid of extra energy that the person may have gathered for the work. Grounding can be used to come down from an emotionally strenuous day.

Centering – Centering is a way to call back lost energy, or energy you’ve left scattered about during emotional breakdowns.

Channeling – Channeling is to draw energy from a greater source, such as the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, etc.

Protection – Shields, wards, circles. Anything to safeguard yourself from negative or unwanted energy, or unwanted effects.

Divination – Divination is the ascertaining of information by the interpretation of omens. Examples of divination include pendulums, palm reading, tarot, runes, tea leaves, astrology, numerology, dreams, scrying, dice, and music.

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